Thursday, December 30, 2010

Airport Trip

On wed, 29th of Dec, daddy and mummy bring me and didi to another place that i like to visit, and that is the airport...i get to see big big aeroplane and there is big big space for me to run and also do will tell how happy i am..

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Trip to the zoo

On Sunday 26th Dec daddy and mummy with popo,gong gong and xiaoyi brought me to the zoo. I enjoyed the boat ride, the brushing of mini-horse and feeding of goat...see how i enjoy myself from the below photos...

daddy,mummy, me and didi , can see where is didi?

popo,xiaoyi,mummy and me feeding goat...i like to feed the small goat, not the big ones..

my favourite animals in the zoo...

My Year-end concert for 2010

Hi everyone, I had my year-end concert on 4th Dec 2010. Daddy, mummy and didi want to see me in action...see how pretty i look...